Arizona Area

Name Position
CMA AZ Helpline CMA AZ Helpline
Yvonne W. Area Chairperson
Kenny G. Co-Chairperson
Patrick R. Area Secretary
KC Area Treasurer
Zak M. Executive Committee
Mia U. Conference Report
Mary M. Archives
John E. Communications
Mike W. H&I
Bryon M. Delegate
Irene G. Delegate
Lindsey S. Webmaster
Irene G. Hotline
Jace H. Literature
Julie E. Fulfillment

Northern District Contacts

Name Position
John H. Chairperson

Central District Contacts

Name Position
Kevin G. Chairperson
Patrick R. Co-Chairperson
Melinda Secretary
Edmund Y. Treasurer
Taylor T. PI&O
Rashaye H&I
Brittany W. Communication

Southern District Contacts

Name Position
Jamie Chairperson
Travis PI&O
Mia H&I
Michael W. E&F



CMA Fellowship Events

"The Fellowship of Crystal Meth Anonymous works a Twelve Step program of recovery. We have not felt the need to elaborate in great detail a specific CMA approach to the Twelve Steps: too many other excellent outlines already exist for following these spiritual principles. But our experience has shown that without the Steps we could not stay sober."

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